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26 04, 2012

Duty Time and Fatigue Video


Fatigue is one of the threats to flight safety. Long hours of activity may decrease the ability of the crew. Rest and  Flight Duty Times regulations  are essential countermeasures to prevent the effects of fatigue on performance. Humor is just [...]

Duty Time and Fatigue Video2012-04-26T06:00:24+02:00
4 04, 2011

Accident: Southwest B737 , hole in fuselage, sudden decompression


A  Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300, flying from Phoenix,AZ to Sacramento,CA, was climbing through FL344 towards FL360, when a panel in the cabin ceiling just above the overhead lockers opened with a gunshot like sound leaving a hole about 6 feet long [...]

Accident: Southwest B737 , hole in fuselage, sudden decompression2011-04-04T10:03:37+02:00
8 02, 2011

Los vigilantes de Barajas


"Los halcones establecen un área de caza alrededor de las pistas, el resto de aves lo identifican y no se acercan allí". Quien habla es Jesús Rego, adiestrador y responsable del Control de aves de la Halconera de Barajas, un [...]

Los vigilantes de Barajas2011-02-08T11:26:42+01:00
3 01, 2011

¿Do you Know

2011-01-03T11:48:41+01:00 provides physician support for its medical products and aviation related medical matters. It can be you provider for SAFETY GEAR ( Portable Oxygen Systems, PulseOximeters , CO detectors, SmoKe Hoods), SURVIVAL GEAR (GPS, Medical Kits,Personal Locator Beacons)  and TRAVEL [...]

¿Do you Know