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9 12, 2011

Verge of Consciusness (The threat of Hypoxia)


An improperly adjusted safety switch that rendered the aircraft’s pressurization system inoperative, an incorrectly wired cabin altitude warning switch that disabled a warning light and the pilot’s ineffective systems monitoring while distracted by an autopilot problem early in the flight [...]

Verge of Consciusness (The threat of Hypoxia)2011-12-09T08:20:59+01:00
4 04, 2011

Accident: Southwest B737 , hole in fuselage, sudden decompression


A  Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300, flying from Phoenix,AZ to Sacramento,CA, was climbing through FL344 towards FL360, when a panel in the cabin ceiling just above the overhead lockers opened with a gunshot like sound leaving a hole about 6 feet long [...]

Accident: Southwest B737 , hole in fuselage, sudden decompression2011-04-04T10:03:37+02:00
24 03, 2011

La cabina del "Comet" desde dentro


El De Havilland DH.106 Comet (cometa en inglés) fue el primer avión comercial de reacción, además de ser el primer avión civil que contó con una cabina presurizada y climatizada, necesaria para la elevada altura de vuelo. Introducido a principios [...]

La cabina del "Comet" desde dentro2011-03-24T08:49:54+01:00
15 02, 2011

E-cigs should be banned on planes?


An electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or vaporizer cigarette, is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. It is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, and is being used since several years ago to help to [...]

E-cigs should be banned on planes?2011-02-15T11:43:09+01:00
10 12, 2010

Detection and Prevention of CO Exposure in General Aviation Aircraft


Exposure to carbon monoxide (CO), which is formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon-containing materials such as aviation fuels, is associated with headache, dizziness, fatigue, and at elevated doses, death. Exhaust system failures in general aviation (GA) aircraft can result [...]

Detection and Prevention of CO Exposure in General Aviation Aircraft2010-12-10T06:00:22+01:00
22 04, 2010

La tierra "oída" a 12 Km de altitud


Travesías  es un viaje sin rumbo fijo; cada día en Radio Exterior de RNE, Maria Alvarez de Eulate y Antonio Vicentenos se ponen  en camino para llevarnos  a destinos en  los cinco continentes y a través de diferentes historias, conocer lo que [...]

La tierra "oída" a 12 Km de altitud2010-04-22T07:47:19+02:00
12 03, 2010

"Cabin Air Quality" / CAA Safety Report 2004


The Civil Aviation Authority(UK) initiated its research programme into cabin air quality in 2001 after a small number of events, including two on UK registered aircraft, where flight crew were partially incapacitated. Evidence from these incidents indicated that contamination of [...]

"Cabin Air Quality" / CAA Safety Report 20042010-03-12T11:46:10+01:00
24 12, 2009

Efectos de la altura en los pasajeros


Interesante estudio que investiga el efecto de presiones barométricas equivalentes a las de diferentes altitudes por encima del nivel del mar, sobre la saturación arterial de oxígeno y con la aparición de mal de altura, durante un vuelo simulado de [...]

Efectos de la altura en los pasajeros2009-12-24T09:00:41+01:00