ESAM (European Society of Aerospace Medicine) is a european independent forum for Aerospace Medicine, especially to assist in education and exchange aeromedical information, as well as coordinate aeromedical efforts within european community,working for health and safety of all persons involved in aviation and space operations, included passengers. The First General Assembly took place at Brussels on Novembre/2006….



From then onwards, more than 40 associations have already been associated, included our SEMA (Spanish Society of Aerospace Medicine).We are a regular membership as national association of aerospace medicine , being our representative Dr. Ramón Domínguez-Mompell Roman. Next ECAM (European Conference of Aerospace Medicine )  will be held in Athens on November 2010.

** Should you want to know  more :  click to download this 53 slide presentation of ESAM President Roland Vermeire
      ESAM (The European Society of Aerospace Medicine)
       September 2009 / Zagreb