EASA rules regarding Medical part comprises the following Subparts: A (General Requirements) , B (Requirements for medical certificates) , C (Aeromedical Examiners), D (General medical practitioners) and E ( Medical Fitness for cabin crew). The CRD (Comment Response Document) of this medical part has been published on 24/June/ 2010 and can be interesting for all of us aeromedical examiners but a little bit bothersome. Easier, you can see the EASA presentation at AsMA meeting in Phoenix about an updating of this Medical part kindly sent to us by Dr.Roland Vermeiren, President of ESAM.


** EASA CRD- Part Medical
** EASA Update Part Medical (PowerPoint Presentation)
      Dr. Virgilijus Valentukevicius
      Phoenix/ AsMa Meeting May 2010