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9 03, 2011

Melanoma, altitud y radiación UVB


Dermatólogos e investigadores de Granada han realizado un estudio ecológico, en el que se trató de relacionar la prevalencia de melanoma, la altitud y la dosis eritemática diaria, estudiando la prevalencia de melanoma entre los pacientes (1982-2007) con residencia en la [...]

Melanoma, altitud y radiación UVB2011-03-09T12:07:03+01:00
13 12, 2010

CDC Flu Guide and Flight 2010-11


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that efforts to reduce the spread of influenza virus on commercial aircraft focus on encouraging airline employees and passengers to: Get vaccinated Postpone  travel  when sick Take everyday steps to protect [...]

CDC Flu Guide and Flight 2010-112010-12-13T16:38:20+01:00
7 12, 2010

Ethical dilemma in the air


Imaging the scenario: A commercial plane flying in USA from to East to West Coast. Suddenly there is a medical emergency on board, you are a physician and passenger as well; two rows behind you, another passenger is undergoing a [...]

Ethical dilemma in the air2010-12-07T07:26:15+01:00
2 09, 2010

"Miedo a Volar" en "Me gusta Volar"


Me gusta volar  es un nuevo blog de Iberia. Viajes, consejos para no tener miedo a volar, curiosidades sobre la aviación, nuestra historia… Todos esos contenidos, y muchos más, tendrán cabida en Me gusta volar, un sitio que quiere convertirse [...]

"Miedo a Volar" en "Me gusta Volar"2010-09-02T10:41:43+02:00
10 03, 2010

Managing Passengers with Respiratory Disease Planning Air Travel


Air travel is now a common mode of travel for millions. Over 25 years ago it was already estimated that 5% of commercial airline passengers were ambulatory patients with some illness including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). There are still no established [...]

Managing Passengers with Respiratory Disease Planning Air Travel2010-03-10T11:18:21+01:00
1 03, 2010

Medex "Altitude Travel Handbook"


This simple, plain-English handbook was written by the Medex team in order to provide easy access to important information for laypeople travelling to high altitude. It will tell you what you need to know about altitude sickness, frostbite, hypothermia, and [...]

Medex "Altitude Travel Handbook"2010-03-01T16:16:02+01:00