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15 04, 2010

Pilot's Tip of the week

2010-04-15T07:06:25+02:00 delivers multimedia workshops that tackle real-world flying challenges. Its workshops are taught by award-winning instructors who share tips and tactics that will make you a better pilot, and a better aviation medical examiner regardless of your ratings or hours [...]

Pilot's Tip of the week2010-04-15T07:06:25+02:00
8 01, 2010



SKYbrary is an initiative of the following organisations:  EUROCONTROL, ICAO The Flight Safety Foundation The UK Flight Safety Committee, and The EASA European Safety Strategy Initiative aimed at developing a comprehensive source of aviation safety information and making it available [...]

20 11, 2009

Aerosafety World Magazine


AeroSafety World continues Flight Safety Foundation’s tradition of excellence in aviation safety journalism that stretches back more than 50 years. The new full-color monthly magazine, initially called Aviation Safety World when it was launched in July 2006, offers in-depth analysis [...]

Aerosafety World Magazine2009-11-20T12:34:08+01:00
10 11, 2009

Federal Air Surgeon's Medical Bulletin


 Federal Air Surgeon Bulletin 2009-4           The Federal Air Surgeon’s Medical Bulletin is published quarterly for aviation medical examiners and others interested  in aviation safety and aviation medicine. The Aerospace Medical Institute, with policy guidance and support from the Office of  [...]

Federal Air Surgeon's Medical Bulletin2009-11-10T20:54:47+01:00