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24 06, 2019

Supplying a pharmacy for NASA Exploration SpaceFlight


In order to maintain crew health and performance during long-duration spaceflight outside of low-Earth orbit, NASA and its international partners must be capable of providing a safe and effectivepharmacy. Given few directed studies of pharmaceuticals in the space environment, it [...]

Supplying a pharmacy for NASA Exploration SpaceFlight2019-06-24T08:00:27+02:00
27 04, 2011

Social Media success for the FAI


A few months after deciding to jump on the bandwagon of Social Media, the FAI (Federation Aeronautique International) successfully features in all the main social media domains, whether it be with its pictures, videos or news !. In Facebook, Twitter, [...]

Social Media success for the FAI2011-04-27T11:18:29+02:00
13 12, 2010

CDC Flu Guide and Flight 2010-11


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that efforts to reduce the spread of influenza virus on commercial aircraft focus on encouraging airline employees and passengers to: Get vaccinated Postpone  travel  when sick Take everyday steps to protect [...]

CDC Flu Guide and Flight 2010-112010-12-13T16:38:20+01:00
11 06, 2010

La silla que "entrena" astronautas


Una exposición prolongada del cuerpo humano a entornos sin gravedad provoca  atrofia en la masa muscular porque las extremidades corporales pierden movilidad ante la falta de esfuerzo. La empresa vasca NTE-Sener ha ideado una silla, diseñada con tecnología de última [...]

La silla que "entrena" astronautas2010-06-11T08:27:53+02:00