Modified DC-9 for Aeromedical Transport  «Flight Surgeon inside DC-9 for Aeromedical Transport»
Sooner or later, most physicians who travel on airlines eventually hear the overhead call from a flight attendant, «Are there any doctors on board?» This brief review of aerospace medical principles will help physicians respond with confidence to this call. Familiarity helps physicians effectively assist and integrate with specialists during preflight operations during mass air evacuations following large-scale natural or manmade disasters 
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Author: John Ogle, MD, MPH, FACEP, Col (Dr), Consulting Staff, Department of Emergency Medicine, Longmont United Hospital; Voluntary Clinical Faculty, Stanford University Medical Center
Coauthor(s): Heather Ross, MD, Faculty, Physician Assistant Program, Red Rocks Community College; Medical Educator, Flight Surgeon, United Airlines; Consulting Staff, Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital, Exempla St Joseph’s Hospital, and Exempla Lutheran Hospital
  Dr.Ogle after F-16 flight    «Dr. Ogle with his anti-G suit after a F-16 Flight»

Updated Oct,2008